Hear The Killers’ jaunty new song, “C’est La Vie”

From the deluxe edition of ‘Imploding the Mirage.’

The Killers have shared new single “C’est La Vie,” which appears on the deluxe edition of their 2020 album Imploding the Mirage.

The jaunty track pairs summery Beach Boys-styled pop rock with a scat-inspired vocal melody, making “Ce’st La Vie” a markedly different track from the rest of Imploding the Mirage. It’s a fun, breezy release from The Killers that proves that, even after six studio albums, the band are still exploring new sonic avenues with their music.

The deluxe edition of Imploding the Mirage also features new, stripped-down versions of “Caution” and “Blowback.” The latter becomes a warm, Taylor Swift-styled country indie pop track in its new acoustic recording, rendered minimally with guitar and piano as Brandon Flowers’ powerful vocals take the limelight.


Immediately after the release of Imploding the Mirage last August, Flowers revealed in an interview that the band were already hard at work on a brand-new studio album.

“Every time someone makes a record they say that they have 50 songs and they’re going to release another record. We really are,” Flowers told NME. “We’re going to release another one in about 10 months.”

Then, as 2020 came to a close, The Killers offered up a tantalising tracklist on Twitter with no further explanation. If Flowers’ timeline remains true, then fans can expect a new album from the band in around four months’ time.


Hear “C’est La Vie” and the rest of the deluxe edition of Imploding the Mirage below:

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