Hear Phoebe Bridgers’ gut-wrenching EP ‘Copycat Killer’

Rob Moose’s strings give the tracks even greater emotional depth.

Phoebe Bridgers has dropped her new EP Copycat Killer, a collaboration with award-winning arranger and string player Rob Moose.

The EP features rearrangements of four tracks from her latest full-length Punisher, with Moose’s instrumentation granting the already rousing melodies a layer of melancholy. Opener “Kyoto,” originally an energetic indie-rock anthem, takes on a more restrained—and somehow even more heartbreaking—sound against the backdrop of Moose’s swelling strings.

The more reserved “Chinese Satellite” remains closer to the feel of the original, while “Savior Complex” and title track “Punisher” showcase Bridgers’ soaring vocals at their most raw and vulnerable.


Bridgers released Punisher in June a day earlier than intended, in apparent solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. In September, she partnered with Arlo Parks to cover Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” for BBC Radio 1.

Stream Copycat Killer below:

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