Hear Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong cover Kim Wilde

A “Kids in America” cover, dedicated to bandmate and recent birthday boy Mike Dirnt.

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has picked a Kim Wilde song, “Kids in America,” for the latest installment of his No Fun Mondays cover series.

Two weeks ago, Armstrong covered “That Thing You Do!” in honor of its songwriter, Adam Schlesinger, who died of coronavirus complications on April 1. Now, Armstrong has picked Wilde’s debut 1981 single, which helped propel her to international fame. The song was also popularised by Southern California punk band The Muffs, who contributed their cover to the soundtrack of the beloved ’90s film Clueless.

Armstrong dedicated his cover to Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt, who celebrated his 48th birthday on Monday. “Play this one loud just for him,” he wrote in a brief message in the cover’s YouTube description.

Green Day released their 13th studio album, Father of All…, in February. It included the tracks “Oh Yeah!”, “Fire Ready Aim” and “Father of All…”


Hear Armstrong’s take on “Kids in America” below:


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