Hear Great Grandpa’s brand-new single, “Bloom”

The third single from their sophomore album ‘Four of Arrows’.

Seattle outfit Great Grandpa have released “Bloom,” the third single from their forthcoming sophomore album Four of Arrows.

The band wear their hearts on their sleeves for this introspective track. “I get anxious on the weekends when I feel I’m wasting time / But then I think about Tom Petty and how he wrote his best songs when he was 39 / Say I’m young enough to change / Please say I’m young enough,” vocalist Alex Menne sings on the opening verse.

The country rock-inspired song was a combination of several of the band’s favorite artists, including Third Eye Blind, Taylor Swift, the Beatles and—of course—Tom Petty, guitarist Patrick Goodwin revealed in an interview with Nylon.


Goodwin added that they also wanted the song to ”capture this elusive spirit present in many of Petty’s great songs, where the underlying melancholy emotion is gilded or masked by joyful melodies and arrangements, then slowly revealed in the lyrics.”

Besides “Bloom,” Four of Arrows will also include earlier singles “Digger” and “Mono no Aware.” The record is due out October 25 via Double Double Whammy.

Listen to “Bloom” here:


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