Hear Fleet Foxes’ new surprise album, ‘Shore’

They timed its release to the autumnal equinox.

Fleet Foxes marked the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere yesterday by releasing a brand-new album, Shore.

The 15-track LP comes three years after the indie folk band’s last full-length, Crack-Up, and was recorded over the course of two years over multiple cities, including Hudson, New York, Paris, Los Angeles and more.

“With this album, the lyrics all came out of taking these really long drives in the country and being in lockdown,” Fleet Foxes frontman and lead songwriter Robin Pecknold told Vulture, “remembering times when I was doing backpacking trips and traveling around the world to weird, far-flung hiking trails, remembering those times with some wistfulness from not being able to do it.”


Though Pecknold wrote all the songs, lyrics and recorded all the vocals on Shore, the creative process behind the next Fleet Foxes record—which is already in the works—will be a little more democratized, he added. “Because we can’t tour, we’re gonna experiment with different ways of working together and actually co-writing from the ground up, which is something I really want to get more into in general.”

Stream Shore below:


And watch Kersti Jan Werdal’s accompanying road movie of the same name, soundtracked by the album, here.

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