Hear CAKE’s bleak, danceable comeback single “Sinking Ship”

We last heard from them in 2011, when they dropped ‘Showroom of Compassion.’

CAKE are back with a new song, “Sinking Ship,” their first new offering since 2011’s Showroom of Compassion.

With bold riffs, keyboard lines and even a little bit of cowbell, the song’s catchy as all hell. But it also makes zero effort to hide its anxiety about the state of the world. “We are on a sinking ship,” John McCrea chants on the chorus, and elsewhere, he indulges in bitter humor: “If your people are the best / Tell me, why are you wearing a vest? / This investigation into disinformation keeps putting everyone to the test.”

“The new CAKE song ‘Sinking Ship’ is a sobering meditation on the current human habitation of the planet,” instrumentalist and backing vocalist Vince DiFiore said in a statement. “Where do we go from here? It’s always worth contemplating.”


Watch the claymation video for “Sinking Ship” below:

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