Have a Nice Life share title track from new album, ‘Sea of Worry’

Their first record in five years.

Have a Nice Life have released “Sea of Worry,” the title track of their forthcoming album and the follow-up to 2014’s The Unnatural World.

The new track offers warm, shoegazing walls of sound, urgent garage rock melodies and reverb-laden post-punk antics in equal measure. It catches the experimental rock band in the midst of doing what they do best: shifting, distorting and exploring the grey space between genres.

“Dread is the primary theme that is woven throughout Sea of Worry—the dread of aging, children growing up, and an increasingly uncertain future,” reads a statement on the website of their label, The Flenser. “More concise and perhaps more straightforward than their past releases, Have a Nice Life [have] found new focus and discipline on Sea of Worry.”


The seven-track record will be available on November 8. Listen to its title track here:

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