Hamilton Leithauser’s MV for “Here They Come” stars Ethan Hawke

Watch the Walkmen leader get beaten up by the actor.

Singer-songwriter Hamilton Leithauser has returned after a two-year hiatus with a video for his new single, “Here They Come.”

In the clip, the singer meets up with actor Ethan Hawke and asks for his opinion of the fresh track. Hawke pauses the song halfway and overreacts (just a little): The actor hits Leithauser over the head with a chair, before throwing him onto a table and smacking him with a glass bottle.

“‘Here They Come’ is about a friend who tends to run from his problems,” Leithauser said in a statement. “When the going gets tough, he tends to just cut and run. The song is about the specific moment when the lights are coming up in a movie theatre where he’s been hiding out all day, and life’s complications are just coming back into focus.”

Leithauser’s last release was 2017’s “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger),” featuring Angel Olsen. The year prior, he released I Had a Dream That You Were Mine, a joint album with former Vampire Weekend member Rostam.


Watch the video for “Here They Come” here:

And hear the full song below:


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