Haim open up on new album, ‘Women in Music Pt III’

Their long-awaited third studio record.

Today, Haim have released their new album, Women in Music Pt III.

The sister trio—Danielle, Alana and Este Haim—have been laying the groundwork for their third studio album, which follows 2017’s Something to Tell You, for a while now. In 2019, they got fans’ hopes up with the three singles “Summer Girl,” “Hallelujah” and “Now I’m in it”—all of which are included on Women in Music Pt III as bonus tracks.

In 2020, they began the rollout for Women in Music Pt III in earnest with the singles “The Steps,” “I Know Alone” and “Don’t Wanna.” The album, the band told Vulture, was written at a dark time for Haim: Danielle was “in this fucking gnarly spiral” of depression; Este had been recovering from the toll touring had taken on her health; and Alana was still grieving her best friend, who had died in 2012 at the age of 20.


“There was a lot of stuff that, collectively, we weren’t dealing with head-on,” Este explained. “A lot of the shit that we were going through since 2012. When we came back from tour, it hit us all, collectively, at the same time.” Recording Women in Music Pt III was their way of processing the trauma and pulling through the struggle.

Listen to Haim’s deeply personal new album now:

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