Green Day sample Joan Jett on new song, “Oh Yeah!”

The band will donate all royalties to charity.

Green Day have released a wacky video for their new single “Oh Yeah!”

In the clip, the band satirize internet celebrity culture and modern over-reliance on smartphones. It features a dystopian world where people stop paying attention to their surroundings due to their phones. For instance, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is knocked down by a car whose driver was watching a viral video by drummer Tré Cool.

The band also noted in the video’s YouTube description that “Oh Yeah!” samples Joan Jett’s 1984 song “Do You Wanna Touch Me.” The track was originally written and performed by convicted sex offender Gary Glitter, whom the band described as a “total asshole.” As such, royalties from “Oh Yeah!” will be donated to the International Justice Mission and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

“Oh Yeah!” will appear on Green Day’s forthcoming album, Father of All…, alongside “Fire Ready Aim” and “Father of All…” The record arrives February 7 via Reprise Records.


Watch the video for “Oh Yeah!” here:


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