Good Charlotte are back with “Shadowboxer”

The pop punk kids are coming back swinging.

Good Charlotte have just dropped a new track called “Shadowboxer”—and living up to its title, the track packs a massive punch.

While the band have experimented with poppier, electronic-influenced sounds over the years, “Shadowboxer” is rock through-and-through. It’s one of the most hard-hitting tracks on the boys’ discography and we’re all for it.

The track kicks off with a wall of sound before Joel Madden’s unmistakable voice enters. “I remember suffering with every single word there saying / I could always feel them,” he sings. It builds up to a chorus fueled by raw screaming vocals and crunching guitars. Just three words to sum things up: It. Knocks. Hard.


The track’s a nice return from one of the biggest pop punk acts in history—proving that the band have definitely still got it even after all these years.

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