Glass Animals enlist Denzel Curry for new single, “Tokyo Drifting”

The band’s first release in over three years.

Glass Animals have returned with “Tokyo Drifting,” featuring Denzel Curry. The song is the British band’s first release in over three years, since their sophomore album, How to Be a Human Being.

On the track, frontman Dave Bayley channels his alter ego Wavey Davey, whom he describes in a press statement as a “fucked-up Sasha Fierce.” He delivers confident verses over the track’s trap-inspired production. “Scoot-scoot, boy, racer to the super-club / Let rip, like you drank all of the tequila / Get loose, streetfighter, tear it up / Fresh footwork drippin’ out of you onto the rug,” Bayley raps.

Later in the track, Denzel jumps in with rapid-fire bars: “Diamonds aquatic, it feel like a trout on my wrist / Or a spout on my wrist with a spider up in it / Everything gotta be 80 and you keep the 20 percentage / You know that I get it, I’m on it, I’m in it.”

“The first thing Denzel said to me about the track was, ‘This is fire,’” Bayley said of the collaboration in a statement. “Then he said, ‘Is this you flexin’?’ and I said, ‘Yeah… it is… sort of. It’s an ironic internal flex. Me as a narrator describing, taking the piss out of an extreme alter ego version of myself. A version of me that can do things that I’m uncomfortable doing.’”


Listen to “Tokyo Drifting” here:


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