Girl Band make their comeback with “Shoulderblades”

The Irish noise rock group return.

Girl Band are back: The Irish noise rock band have announced their sophomore LP, The Talkies, with the bracing single “Shoulderblades.”

Equal parts Frank Black-esque storytelling and agonized aggression straight out of Nine Inch Nails’ formative years, “Shoulderblades” serves both grit and groove in spades. Lead singer Dara Kiely unloads a busy mind full of cynicism and venom over fuzzy, shapeless riffs and ambient noise.

The equally haunting music video features performer Oona Doherty, who lets loose in an empty space bathed in blue and red light, staring the camera down amidst her manic interpretive dance-cum-shadowboxing choreography.


“Shoulderblades” is Girl Band’s first new music since their 2016 debut album, Holding Hands With Jamie. The group have been laying low since 2017, when they called off tour dates due to health issues.

The Talkies is due out September 27 via Rough Trade. Watch the video for “Shoulderblades” below:

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