Frances Quinlan strikes out on her own with ‘Likewise’

The Hop Along frontwoman’s first solo LP.

Hop Along frontwoman Frances Quinlan has released her debut solo album, Likewise.

The record features eight all-original tracks, which were written by Quinlan, alongside a cover of Built to Spill’s “Carry the Zero.” She previously previewed the album with the single “Rare Thing.”

“It is a vulnerable thing [to go solo], and I’m certainly navigating that sense of vulnerability,” Quinlan told Vulture. “And, of course, there’s the concern of how it will be compared to the band, which is a tall order to me. I hope that people will understand that it’s different, and I have to work on understanding that myself as well.”

Frances Quinlan previously released Bark Your Head Off, Dog as part of Hop Along back in 2018. Listen to her solo debut, Likewise, below:



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