Foxygen release “Livin’ a Lie”

    Taken from their forthcoming album, ‘Seeing Other People.’

    Image: Nicky Giraffe / Pitch Perfect PR

    Foxygen have released “Livin’ a Lie,” from their forthcoming album, Seeing Other People.

    The track is a subtle, melodic sea of various instruments. Its multi-textured sonics and bittersweet, occasionally melodramatic reflections on fame situates “Livin’ a Lie” in the orbit of Arctic Monkeys’ latest record, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

    The song’s slightly mournful air makes it an apt first single for Seeing Other People. “In a relationship, saying, ‘Maybe we should see other people’ is the Adult way of saying, ‘Let’s end shit,’” vocalist Sam France explained in a note to fans. “So, here is our Adult Contemporary album.”

    Seeing Other People is out April 26 on Jagjaguwar. Watch the video for “Livin’ a Lie” below: