Fontaines DC share eerie video for new song, “Televised Mind”

The track was inspired by The Prodigy and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Fontaines DC have released “Televised Mind,” a new song from their upcoming album A Hero’s Death.

Its eerie accompanying visual, directed by Hugh Mulhern, features the Irish post-punks performing in a sort of negative space, with an old-school analogue television filter. “All your laughter pissed away / All your sadness pissed away / Now you don’t care what they say / Nor do I / That’s a televised mind,” frontman Grian Chatten sings.

“This song is about the echo chamber, and how personality gets stripped away by surrounding approval,” Chatten said in a press statement. “People’s opinions get reinforced by constant agreement, and we’re robbed of our ability to feel wrong. We’re never really given the education of our own fallibility. People feign these great beliefs in order to appear trendy, as opposed to independently arriving at their own thoughts.”

Chatten added that the song was inspired by the band The Prodigy and also the song “Open Heart Surgery” by The Brian Jonestown Massacre. He said he and his bandmates were “interested in extrapolating those types of chord progressions and capturing this droning, hypnotic feel.”


“Televised Mind” is the third song released from the band’s upcoming album, A Hero’s Death, following “I Don’t Belong” and the title track. The record is due out July 31 via Partisan Records.

Watch the video for “Televised Mind” here:


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