Foals preview new album with “Into the Surf”

The rockers switch gears on their atmospheric single.

British rock band Foals have released the atmospheric “Into the Surf,” the third single from their upcoming album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost—Part 2.

On the track, the band layer ambient percussion and guitars over a melodic piano progression. “When I return, there’s a moon pool on fire / Into the surf, again / There’s a moon pool in bloom / If you come again / I’ll be sure to send the tide to come meet you,” frontman Yannis Philippakis sings on the chorus.

“There are threads that run through all these songs [on the album], and on ‘Into the Surf,’ there’s this shadow of death, of someone not returning from a voyage,” Philippakis explained to DIY Mag. “‘Surf Pt I’ [from Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost—Part 1] is a chop out of a part of ‘Into the Surf,’ and I thought it was nice to have that link as a tease.”


“Into the Surf” and Foals’ previous single “Black Bull” will feature on Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost—Part 2, due out October 14 via Warner Music. Part 1, which arrived in March, included the singles “Exits” and “On the Luna.”

Listen to “Into the Surf” here:

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