Finn Wolfhard’s Calpurnia share video for “Louie”

The Stranger Things star and his band also announce their debut EP, ‘Scout.’

Finn Wolfhard’s got something for all Stranger Things fans out there. His garage rock band Calpurnia today dropped “Louie” and announced their debut EP, Scout.

“Louie” is a slacker-leaning, classic rock-inspired number filled with slide guitar, incendiary solos and raw, reverb-drenched vocals that sound like AM radio submerged underwater. And, like the rock ’n’ roll of the ’60s and ’70s, there are plenty of “Oh Lawd!”s stuffed in for good measure.

“‘Louie’ is the first track—the somewhat acoustic track that opens up [the EP],” the star of the Netflix series said in an interview. “I was listening to a lot of Lou Reed when I wrote it, so we named the song after him. I was writing it and thought of the concept of a guy who just leaves this girl to his own devices and just never shows up or never comes back.” Ah, teenage ❤.


Scout is slated for release on June 15.

Listen to “Louie” here:

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