Fear of Men take listeners “Into Strangeness”

The Brighton band’s first release in four years.

Fear of Men are back with their gloomy new song, “Into Strangeness.”

The track dropped alongside a monochrome video in which vocalist Jessica Weiss performs the song out in nature. The Brighton band filmed the clip with their phones during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

“It’s been a strange and extremely charged four years since we last released music. It’s been overwhelming and painful, hopefully leading to tangible positive change,” Weiss said in a statement. “In contrast, this time has personally brought a lot of healing, shutting the door finally on elements that have been toxic and draining in my life for too long.”

“[‘Into Strangeness’] is an assertion of a voice, a cry of independence. As the lyrics state, I ‘spent a few years in tears, but now I’m steel’. It’s a song about the role of words in constructing the self. We create ourselves like books, and I’m ready to tell a different story,” she added.


It’s unclear if “Into Strangeness” signals a new Fear of Men album on the way. The band’s last full-length was 2016’s Fall Forever, which included the songs “Sane” and “Island.”

Watch the video for “Into Strangeness” below:


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