Father John Misty releases another animated visual, “Date Night”

It’s a mind-boggling, sci-fi visual that would fit comfortably into a ‘Rick and Morty’ episode.

Another day, another bizarre Father John Misty visual. The singer’s just shared an animated video for “Date Night,” and it’s as absurd as anything you’d find on Rick and Morty.

The Rick and Morty comparisons aren’t one bit far-fetched, as the Chad VanGaalen-directed video made its debut on Adult Swim’s Toonami on Saturday.

The mind-bending cartoon is almost too tough to describe. It’s a blend of various art styles, color palettes and fantastic alien creatures. The most striking image is an animated, pink-skinned FJM seated on a bat-winged grand piano. Oh, and there are giant leeches swimming toward a purple humanoid creature as it sinks into a trench. Like we said: Weird.


FJM’s latest adds another animated work to his newly released God’s Favorite Customer album, expanding on his fascination with the artform.

Watch the clip here:

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