Father John Misty covers Lana Del Rey’s “Ride”

It’s the latest in a string of collaborations and shout outs between the pair.

Father John Misty, real name Josh Tillman, has once again displayed his admiration for Lana Del Rey—this time with a cover of “Ride.” He took on the Born to Die: The Paradise Edition track at yesterday’s ASCAP Pop Music Awards, and turned the song from urgent pop to folksy ballad.

It’s far from the first time the pair have worked together. He featured in her video for “Freak,” and she namechecks him in her Lust for Life single, “Coachella—Woodstock in My Mind.” But while he gives his own spin to “Ride,” it’s clear he’s still treating the song (and Del Rey) with respect—not reverence.

In addition to the performance, Tillman presented Del Rey with the Global Impact Award. “It strikes me as vaguely ironic to give a songwriting award to someone who just seems to effortlessly radiate songs, but I know how hard you work and what you do and I think everybody else does,” he announced. “You can take all the crack songwriters and put them in a bunker for a thousand years and they would not come up with ‘I F*cked My Way up to the Top,’ ever.”


Check out his cover here:

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