Ex Hex’s “Cosmic Cave” is irresistibly infectious

From the trio’s upcoming album, ‘It’s Real.’

More than five years after dropping their debut album Rips, Ex Hex are back with a new full-length, It’s Real. To announce its release, the trio have dropped a single, “Cosmic Cave.”

All vigorous drumming, swirling guitar and taut basslines, “Cosmic Cave” is a no-nonsense rock song that’s all killer and no filler. “Baby, come on and dance with me,” Mary Timony sings on the hook. With a song this infectious, you’ll be inclined to do just as she says.

Timony described “Cosmic Cave” to FADER as “more psychedelic.” “The aesthetic we had in mind for the record was, ‘Sounds like another dimension,’” she added.


It’s Real is out March 22 on Merge Records. Hear “Cosmic Cave” below:

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