“Everything is Falling Apart” for Teenage Fanclub

Their first release since the departure of founding member Gerard Love.

Scottish rock band Teenage Fanclub have made their comeback with “Everything is Falling Apart,” their first track without founding member and original bassist, Gerard Love, who left the group last year.

The psychedelic tune features steady guitar melodies, muted handclaps and hazy, layered vocals from singer-guitarist Raymond McGinley. “Relax, find love / Hold on to the hand of a friend / But hey, have fun / ’Cause everything is going to end,” he sings.

“[It] still sounds like Teenage Fanclub, but with Dave [McGowan] and Euros [Childs] playing, so they bring their thing to it,” Norman Blake told Bad Feeling Magazine regarding the band’s new line-up. “I think the plan is to work on an album and get stuff coming out, and just keep working. We’re really happy with the things we got.”


“Everything is Falling Apart” is the band’s first release in over two years, since their commercially successful 2016 album, Here. Listen to their new track below:

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