Eddie Vedder debuts new solo songs, “Matter of Time” and “Say Hi”

As part of virtual charity event ‘Ventures into Cures.’

Eddie Vedder recently premiered the new solo songs “Matter of Time” and “Say Hi” as part of a charity livestream.

The Pearl Jam frontman shared the tunes during Ventures into Cures, in support of the Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Research Partnership co-founded by Vedder and his wife Jill. The partnership aims to find a treatment for EB, a rare and painful genetic disorder marked by extremely fragile, scar-prone skin.

The moving piano ballad “Matter of Time” was released alongside a poignant animated visual depicting the daily struggles and aspirations of EB sufferers. “As we arise with the sun in our eyes / Catch a break from the dark / Still times when nothing’s alright / As we bandage up all our parts,” Vedder sings on the track.


“Say Hi,” on the other hand, is a soulful acoustic tribute to six-year-old EB patient Eli Meyer. The song was inspired by the #ComeSayHi movement started by Meyer’s siblings, which invites the public to “say hi” to Eli and hear his story. “I’ll come and say hi / When I see Eli I’ll come and say hi,” sings Vedder on the chorus.

The new music follows the release of Pearl Jam’s new single “Get it Back” in October, their first track following their album Gigaton. Check them out below.

“Matter of Time”:


“Say Hi”:

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