Deerhunter announce new album with “Death in Midsummer”

'Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?' will be out in January.

Deerhunter have dropped a new song, “Death in Midsummer,” to announce their forthcoming album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?

The psychedelic single, which oscillates in tempo amid squalls of fuzzed-out guitars and an insistent harpsichord line, came accompanied by a video featuring the band in cowboy hats, exploring abandoned buildings and the mostly desolate landscape. It’s particularly apt given the album was recorded in Texas, among other locations.

This record, which will be Deerhunter’s eighth full-length, was co-produced by celebrated singer-songwriter Cate LeBon. According to a press release, the band reassessed their approach to instrumentation in the recording process, “reinventing their approach to microphones, the drum kit, the harpsichord, the electromechanical and synthetic sounds of keyboards. Whatever guitars are left are pure chrome, plugged straight into the mixing desk with no amplifier or vintage warmth.”


Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? is out January 18 on 4AD. Watch the video for “Death in Midsummer” below:

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