Death Cab for Cutie preview new song, “Your Hurricane”

However, the indie rock band remain hushed about their new album.

Death Cab for Cutie have followed up on last month’s teaser of their upcoming LP with a preview of their new song, “Your Hurricane.”

A stylish clip was posted on Instagram with the caption “Watch this space,” suggesting we’ll get the full song soon. The 33-second video shows clouds against a background of rippling water and a snippet of the indie rock band’s latest single.

“Heaven is a hole in the sky / The stars are cracks in the ceiling of night / And I just keep watching them for a sign / That you’ll be alright,” frontman Ben Gibbard sings.


While the lead singer has been tight-lipped about the details of the upcoming LP, he said in an interview that “if you liked Narrow Stairs [2010] and that Death Cab era, you’ll like the new one.”

The album is due out in August. Check out the preview here:

Watch this space.

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