Courtney Barnett claims that “Everybody Here Hates You”

The Aussie singer tackles social anxiety on a single for Record Store Day 2019.

Courtney Barnett’s new single, “Everybody Here Hates You,” has been pressed and is ready for Record Store Day 2019 on April 13, but you can stream it now.

“You said, ‘it’s only in your head’ / They’re probably thinking / The same thing,” the Sydney songwriter sings on the chorus of the crunchy rock track.

“[The song is about] some sort of social anxiety that then morphs into paranoia, and a level of sadness and depression like when you think a haircut will help you, or a clean meal will cleanse you,” she told ABC Radio’s Triple J, which premiered the track. “As if all these things will make you feel better, but really, nothing is gonna fix you, so you kinda just have to tell everyone that it’s all okay so they don’t worry.”


The vinyl edition of the track is limited to 2,000 copies worldwide and features artwork drawn by Barnett herself. Listen to “Everybody Here Hates You” below:

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