Cloud Nothings tease new album with “The Echo of the World”

The new record, ‘Last Building Burning,’ lands this autumn.

Cloud Nothings have heralded their upcoming album, Last Building Burning, due out October 19, with a new single.

Titled “The Echo of the World,” the track is an intense and cacophonous trip. It takes the listener on a journey that’s colored with heavily distorted guitar riffs, crashing percussions and frontman Dylan Baldi’s screaming vocals. If this is a sign of things to come, we’re in for one crazy album.

“I’m obsessed with the idea of energy at the moment,” Baldi said in a statement about the record. “That’s how I thought of this record: seven short, and one long, bursts of intense, controlled chaos. I wanted to make that come across in a way that can actually be felt.”


The album’s still a couple of months away, but in the meantime, enjoy this high-octane number:

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