Cloud Nothings release “Leave Him Now”

Listen to the second song from 'Last Building Burning.'

Indie rock band Cloud Nothings have released “Leave Him Now,” the second track off their forthcoming album Last Building Burning.

Our second glimpse of the the Cleveland band’s sixth studio album following “The Echo of the World,” “Leave Him Now” is just over three minutes of high energy and emotion, and honestly wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tony Hawk video game soundtrack.

It stands apart from the rest of Cloud Nothings’ urgent, riff-heavy body of work thanks to frontman Dylan Baldi’s strangled, anguished vocal delivery. He almost gurgles his words, urging someone to immediately exit a toxic relationship: “Leave him now, or you’ll never leave at all.”


Last Building Burning is out October 19 on Carpark Records. Listen to “Leave Him Now” below:

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