Chelsea Wolfe releases brooding single, “The Mother Road”

The first taste of her forthcoming album, ‘Birth of Violence.’

Chelsea Wolfe has announced her sixth studio album, Birth of Violence, alongside the release of the lead single, “The Mother Road.”

The song captures the contrasting calm and chaos that comes with being in the eye of a storm: Atmospheric drum rolls flirt with a dense string section on the track, creating an intense soundscape without the havoc.

“I’ve been in a state of constant motion for the past eight years or so; touring, moving, playing new stages, exploring new places and meeting new people—an incredible time of learning and growing as a musician and performer,” Wolfe said in a statement. “But after a while, I was beginning to lose a part of myself. I needed to take some time away from the road to get my head straight, to learn to take better care of myself and to write and record as much as I can while I have ‘Mercury in my hands,’ as a wise friend put it.”

Birth of Violence will arrive September 13 via Sargent House. Listen to “The Mother Road” here:



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