Chelsea Wolfe, Jess Gowrie form new duo Mrs Piss

Listen to their first two singles, “Downer Surrounded by Uppers” and “Knelt.”

Singer-songwriters Chelsea Wolfe and Jess Gowrie have teamed up to form a new duo, Mrs Piss. The pair have released “Downer Surrounded by Uppers” and “Knelt,” the first two singles off their forthcoming debut album Self Surgery.

As rock music’s new duo, Wolfe will lead Mrs Piss on vocals on guitar while Gowrie will handle guitar, bass and the drums.

“To me, Mrs Piss represents a musical chemistry cut short long ago that now gets a second chance. Creating with Chelsea has always been very liberating for me, and we both push each other to try new things: anything and everything,” Gowrie said in a statement.

“Working on this project brought Jess and I so much closer as songwriters and production partners, after reuniting as friends and bandmates. It was freeing and fun to channel some wild energies that I don’t typically put into my own music,” Wolfe added. “This project was a chance for us to do things our own way, on our own terms, and we plan to invite more womxn musicians along for future Mrs. Piss recordings.”


Prior to Mrs Piss, Wolfe released her sixth solo album Birth of Violence in 2019, which included the songs “American Darkness” and “The Mother Road.”

Self Surgery drops May 29. While you wait, listen to “Downer Surrounded by Uppers” and “Knelt” below:


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