Charly Bliss reach new heights on ‘Young Enough’

Their sophomore album is out now.

Last Friday, Charly Bliss released their sophomore album, Young Enough, which will be an instant favorite for lovers of power pop and hooky indie rock.

Produced by Joe Chiccarelli, the 11-track album is a polished, thoroughly enjoyable follow-up to the New York band’s 2017 full-length debut, Guppy. Replete with sticky hooks and soaring melodies, Young Enough is a sparkling vehicle for raw, heart-on-sleeve lyrics. “Resurrected from the basement / I’m at capacity, I’m spilling out of me,” Eva Hendricks sings on early standout “Capacity.” “Desecrated and complacent / I’m at capacity, I’m spilling out of me / It’s got nothing to do with me.”

“I want people to feel strong when they listen to this record,” Hendricks said in a statement. “Like you’re working through some shit but you feel really strong and beautiful, even if you’re in a lot of pain. That’s what I want people to feel. The opposite of broken.”

Stream Young Enough now:



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