Car Seat Headrest cover Death Grips’ “Black Paint”

That’s two acts you’d never expect to read in the same sentence.

Car Seat Headrest surprised fans with a cover of Death Grips’ “Black Paint” at their show in Québec, Canada last night.

During the performance, the band kept things fairly similar to the original, sans any of the glitchy sound effects that made the track such a standout. Featuring frontman Will Toledo’s signature drawl, the cover lays their woozy indie rock flair over pounding drum beats and fuzzy guitar riffs.

This isn’t the first time the group’s covered high-profile hits during their shows, though. Earlier this year, Toledo and his bandmates also took on Frank Ocean’s “White Ferrari” and Smash Mouth’s “Fallen Horses.”


Check out a snippet of their “Black Paint” rendition below:

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