Brittany Howard performs “History Repeats” on ‘Kimmel’

A cut from her debut solo album, ‘Jaime.’

Brittany Howard recently graced the stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a funky rendition of “History Repeats,” a cut from her debut solo album, Jaime.

The Alabama Shakes frontwoman opened her performance by introducing her renowned backing band, which included Grammy-nominated drummer-producer Nate Smith. Without missing a beat, Howard launched into a spine-chilling version of “History Repeats,” showing off her powerhouse vocals. “I mean, I’ve already been / I came and went / I washed my hands with it / I don’t wanna do it again,” she belted.

“History Repeats” has received two nominations at the forthcoming 62nd annual Grammy Awards for the Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song. Jaime, which arrived in September, also features “13th Century Metal” and “He Loves Me.”

Watch Howard perform on Kimmel here:



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