Blink-182 yearn for “Happy Days”

A new single released on the 182nd day of 2019.

Blink-182 marked the 182nd day of 2019—which they affectionately call ‘Blink-182 day’—by releasing “Happy Days.” The new single from their upcoming, as-yet-untitled album arrived July 1.

Not only does “Happy Days” express a nostalgic longing to return to an easier, happier time, but the guitar accompaniment touches on the pop punk group’s 1999 classic “What’s My Age Again?” and their earlier style of riff-writing. The chorus casts its net wide, dragging in roaring guitars, big backing melodies and a healthy dose of restraint from drummer Travis Barker as he maintains the mid-tempo beat.

It makes sense that the band has written a track dripping in wistfulness for their earlier years, given that Blink-182 turns 20 this year and have just embarked on a tour where they play their debut LP Enema of the State in full each night.


Mark Hoppus, Blink bassist and primary vocalist of “Happy Days,” recently shed more light on their new album in the band’s conversation with Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 radio show. The band are considering using Pretty Nuts as the title of the album, he revealed. The record will also feature Lil Uzi Vert and Pharrell.

Listen to “Happy Days” now:

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