Blink-182 make the Grinch proud on “Not Another Christmas Song”

Watch the chaotic claymation video here.

Blink-182 reject holiday cheer on their new anti-Christmas song, “Not Another Christmas Song.”

The accompanying claymation video follows the band’s adventures in the North Pole, which features killer robots, exploding Christmas trees and a bloodthirsty Rudolph. The clip also includes a hilarious subplot about Santa being kicked out of his home after Mrs Claus discovers his infidelity.

“Not Another Christmas Song” is Blink-182’s first holiday release since “Happy Holidays, You Bastard,” from their 2001 album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. Earlier this year, the band released their album Nine, which featured the songs “Darkside” and “Happy Days.”

Watch the video for “Not Another Christmas Song” here:



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