Black Midi deliver debut album, ‘Schlagenheim’

Sonic turbulence from the young English noise rockers.

English noise rock group Black Midi have finally unleashed their debut LP, Schlagenheim.

The album captures lightning in a bottle, melding drummer Morgan Simpson’s busy percussive tendencies with Geordie Greep’s commanding vocal approach and the clamorous guitar/bass combo of Cameron Picton and Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin.

Schlagenheim was developed through extensive improv sessions and recorded in just five days. “We’ll spend like two hours or more just jamming,” Picton told Exclaim. “We’d record it and then in the evening or the next day, pick out the bits we like and [start] refining them.”


Greep further detailed their musical approach in an interview with Billboard: “Like in classical music: to have the music be really tense, to have that constant tension and release. We’re trying to push ourselves more and more compositionally, musically, every way we can.”

Schlagenheim at times channels the likes of Talking Heads, Black Sabbath and Bloc Party, which should give you a sense of how eclectic and genre-bending this record is. Experience it here:


And watch the animated video for closing track “Ducter”:

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