Black Belt Eagle Scout announces sophomore album with new single

    Listen to “At the Party” now.

    Black Belt Eagle Scout
    Image: Eleanor Petry

    Black Belt Eagle Scout—aka Katherine Paul—has announced her sophomore LP, At the Party With My Brown Friends, with its semi-eponymous opening track, “At the Party.”

    The song begins with a guitar line and soon fills with warm, booming drums and Paul’s wordless crooning. “How is it you’ve suffered through this kind of love? It puts you in a dark place, dark place,” she later questions with an air of removal, moving back to consider the song’s subject from a “nice place” of safety.

    “Within my conscious self, there is always a sense of questioning the legitimacy of the world when you grow up on an Indian reservation. We are all at the party (the world), trying to navigate ourselves within a good or bad situation,” Paul said of the song in a statement.

    At the Party With My Brown Friends, Paul also explained, “deals with love, desire and friendship.” The album arrives August 30 via Saddle Creek.

    Listen to “At the Party” here: