Beach Slang dissolve after allegations against frontman James Alex

The band’s former manager has accused Alex of emotional abuse.

Philadelphia rock band Beach Slang have dissolved following allegations of emotional abuse against their frontman James Alex.

Beach Slang’s former band manager Charlie Lowe first spoke out on January 6 against Alex, alleging on Twitter that she had “endured constant emotional, psychological & narcissistic abuse from James Alex for years. I have learned he sells his too-kind-to-be-true persona to hide that he is truly the most selfish horrible person I will ever meet.”

She claimed that she was diagnosed with complex post-traumatic disorder from how he treated her, and alleged that he would punch holes through things “because he was sick of me crying by his own hand.” She also alleged that Alex called her an “ungrateful bitch” for wanting to see her own friends, and that he said she “would have nothing without him.”


Alex’s family responded to Lowe’s allegations in a post on Beach Slang’s Instagram, in which they revealed that Alex had attempted to take his life and is now in an inpatient facility. His family also said that Beach Slang “is over” and that Alex has no plans to return to music in the future.

“His ‘fake music persona’ wasn’t some facade derived with malice to dupe or harm anyone, it was a coping mechanism created to overcome his struggles,” their statement read. “None of his actions were intentional or meant to hurt or harm anyone, certainly not those who cared for or believed in him. They were an unfortunate result of unimaginable childhood trauma, violent physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and years of untreated resultant severe mental health issues.”

Lowe has since responded to the statement, which she called “BS.” She wrote, “PSA past trauma isn’t a blank check to perpetuate more trauma,” and said that the statement “contains no apology whatsoever nor does it mention me at all, effectively silencing me as the victim & putting the spotlight right back on James for sympathy.”


Beach Slang’s former label Polyvinyl Records has also announced that it is pulling the band’s music. The label released all of Beach Slang’s music since their signing in 2015 up until 2020 album The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City, and Alex’s music under the moniker Quiet Slang.

“Polyvinyl stands in solidarity with those who have come forward about their experiences with James Alex of Beach Slang,” the label said in a statement to Billboard. “We have begun the process of discontinuing our involvement in the sale and distribution of Beach Slang and Quiet Slang releases. We have said it before and it bears repeating: Our company operates on the core principle that everyone deserves to be treated with fairness and respect. Active accountability builds safer and healthier communities.”

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