Beabadoobee brings ’90s rock back on ‘Fake it Flowers’

Her debut album mixes grit and sweetness.

Rising Filipino-British rocker Beabadoobee has released her debut album, Fake it Flowers.

Bea Kristi’s first album makes for an impressive leap forward from the lo-fi sound of her previous EPs, Patched Up and Loveworm. Fake it Flowers harks back to ’90s rock in its massive, guitar-focused tracks such as lead singles “Care” and “Worth it” without losing too much focus on her raw acoustic roots, as evidenced in recent single “How Was Your Day?”.

Prior to Fake it Flowers’ release, Beabadoobee scored her first run of top-10 chart positions around the world thanks to “Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)” by Powfu. The Canadian rapper sampled Beabadoobee’s 2017 single “Coffee” on the track, which garnered over 4.1 billion plays on TikTok alone during March this year.


Beabadoobee wrote most of the album in her parents’ house in London, processing the sudden success of “Coffee” and her career thus far. “I felt like I had to write an album just for my mental health even, because I just needed to get things off my chest,” she told Uproxx. She hopes the raw, confessional nature of the record will provide comfort to listeners: “If one person can relate to at least one song on this album, that means I’ve done something right,” she said.

“The whole idea behind Fake it Flowers is something I was supposed to tell someone, but couldn’t. Writing this album helped me a lot with my problems, and hopefully, it can help someone out there too.”

Stream Fake it Flowers below:


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