Arcade Fire’s Will Butler drops solo song, “Close My Eyes”

His solo record, ‘Generations,’ is out next month.

Arcade Fire’s Will Butler has released “Close My Eyes,” a new track from his upcoming solo album Generations.

A meditation on endurance, the weary yet determinedly optimistic new track will resonate with anyone who’s been worn down by this extraordinary year.

“Close my eyes, close my eyes, close my eyes / And it’s almost alright / If you can understand then come in close and hold me tighter,” he sings on the chorus. “In my mind, in my mind, in my mind / I want to choose the right / But you know it’s hard enough to breathe.”


“I tried to make the lyrics a straightforward and honest description of an emotion I feel often—a drive for change coupled with despair,” Butler explained in a statement. He added, “Kind of a sad song. Trying to tap into some Smokey Robinson/Motown feeling—‘I’ve got to dance to keep from crying.’”

In the video for “Close My Eyes,” Butler glides alone on a lake in a rowboat built by his grandfather, and sings the tune with his backing band while partly submerged in water.

Generations comes five years after Butler’s last solo album, Policy. It’s out September 25 on Merge. Watch the video below:


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