Alex Lahey releases “Unspoken History”

A tear-jerking new single from the Aussie artist.

Alex Lahey has one final offering before her sophomore LP, The Best of Luck Club, enters the world: “Unspoken History,” a downcast number that showcases the Aussie singer-songwriter’s maturity in the face of emotional adversity.

Over lingering piano notes, Lahey laments the loss of her relationship’s spark. “We used to be unbeatable / You used to be my saint,” she sings. “Now I fear that it might be too late / I… I don’t want you to go.”

“‘Unspoken History’ is unlike any other song I’ve ever written before,” Lahey revealed on Twitter. “It scared the shit out of me when I wrote it in Nashville and now holds a very special place in The Best of Luck Club and in my heart.”

Lahey’s new album, which also features the excellent “Am I Doing it Right?”, drops May 17. Hear “Unspoken History” here:



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