Alex Cameron drops artful, intimate “Miami Memory” video

Starring ‘Girls’ actor—and his girlfriend—Jemima Kirke.

Alex Cameron has dropped a video for “Miami Memory,” his first single since his 2017 album, Forced Witness. Cameron directed the clip, which is dedicated to the romance of the late transgender artist Greer Lankton and designer Paul Monroe.

The “Miami Memory” video continues the sensual home-video style of Cameron’s earlier works with his girlfriend, the Girls actress Jemima Kirke. It throws the two lovers into interchangeable roles, playing a muse for the other to film. The closing shot lingers on two dolls (created by Lankton) entwined, implying the future the couple envision for themselves.

“‘Miami Memory’ is a story about how we audition in the present for our future selves to enjoy in retrospect,” Cameron explained in a statement. “In that way, tender memories that we share together are captured in thought and stored with the same electricity that keeps our heart beating.”


Watch the “Miami Memory” video below:

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