Watch Tayla Parx “Dance Alone” in her new music video

Her new album, ‘Coping Mechanisms,’ is due out later this year.

Tayla Parx has shared a glittery new video for her latest single, “Dance Alone.”

The neon-lit clip captures the Dallas singer dancing through her apartment in a pair of satin pajamas while performing the loved-up retro song. “’Cause I don’t want nobody unless that somebody is you / If I had anybody, I would want somebody like you / And I know that we shouldn’t but I know there’s worse we could do / I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna dance alone,” she croons on the chorus.

The single was inspired by Tayla’s girlfriend, she told Insider. “You know that moment where you’re, like, ‘Ooh, who is that?’ It’s literally about the moment when I saw the person who I am currently with, and I just wanted to dance with her,” she said. “We ended up dancing for hours, just having an amazing time.”

“Dance Alone” is expected to appear on Parx’s upcoming album, Coping Mechanisms, the follow-up to 2019’s We Need to Talk. The new LP is due out sometime later this year.


Watch the video for “Dance Alone” below:


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