Watch Michi’s video for smoky single “Night Moves”

It’s inspired by “the freeness of unapologetic sensuality.”

Rising Los Angeles-based artist Michi has released a video for her third and latest single, “Night Moves.”

Michi anchors the clip—directed by Haley Appell—with her charisma, grooving slowly to the tune with suited dancers one moment and gazing into a fisheye lens the next. “I said I’d stay just a minute / But it’s getting late and I’m sounding cliche / I’m getting close to my limit / Morning’s coming too soon,” she sings.

“The song feels like a step into deeper layers of who I am as an artist sonically, with the freeness of unapologetic sensuality really driving the inspiration behind it,” Michi told the FADER, which premiered the video.


Watch Michi’s video for “Night Moves” here:

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