Watch Lauryn Hill one-up Drake with “Nice for What” freestyle

The R&B legend puts Drake in his place with a rendition of “Nice for What,” a tune that samples one of her own, “Ex-factor.”

Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-factor” has been making waves recently. Drake sampled the tune in his latest hit, “Nice for What,” and Hill yesterday returned the favor with a freestyle rap over his track at a live show in New York City’s Apollo Theatre.

The performance began with Hill working her impressive (as always) vocals on “Ex-factor.” But the song came to an abrupt halt, and then segued into the cascade of beats from Drake’s “Nice for What”—but complete with Hill’s very own lyrical touch.

“See this is ‘Ex-factor’ / He took the sample / My shit is classic / Here’s an example,” she spits, before unleashing bars upon bars of verses of her own making. It’s a freestyle rap that proves that the R&B songstress can go from saccharine to downright aggressive in a snap.


The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is Hill’s first and only studio album, whose 20th anniversary she’ll celebrate with a summer tour this year.

Watch Hill take on “Nice for What” in the video below:

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