Watch Jhené Aiko’s “Born Tired” performance on ‘Corden’

The song appeared on her Grammy-nominated album, ‘Chilombo.’

Jhené Aiko recently performed her song “Born Tired” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The dreamy sequence captures Aiko, wearing an adorable dinosaur onesie, on a comfortable-looking set decorated to look like floating clouds. The performance also featured a live harpist and an appearance from Aiko’s beloved singing bowls. “Cause look at how far you have come / And look at all that you have going / Look at who you have become / Baby, you gotta keep going,” Aiko sang.

“Born Tired” was a fan favorite on the Los Angeles singer’s latest album, Chilombo, which was recently nominated for Album of the Year at the upcoming Grammy Awards. During her appearance on Corden, she also talked about the unexpected nomination.


“I knew that it felt really good while I was making it,” Aiko said. “I didn’t have any expectations as far as, like, awards, you know. I never really think of stuff like that. But I was hoping that it was my best yet because I feel like the more music that I put out, I just want to keep getting better and better. I’m glad that it’s being recognized.”

Watch Aiko’s performance of “Born Tired” below:


And hear her talk about the Grammy nomination here:

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