Watch Jessie Ware’s retro-inspired “Step Into My Life” video

From her new album, ‘What’s Your Pleasure?.’

English singer Jessie Ware has dropped a retro-inspired video for “Step Into My Life,” a cut from her fourth studio album What’s Your Pleasure?.

The track itself is a confident, sensual number bolstered by Ware’s ability to effortlessly flick from breathy whispers to powerful, diva-like vocals. In the video, dancer Eric Schloesser struts around a dated bowling alley under the watchful eye of director Madison Shelpuk.

Besides “Step Into My Life,” What’s Your Pleasure?—which was released at the end of June—also features the tracks “Adore You” and “Save a Kiss.”

“James [Ford, producer] and I knew we wanted to make a disco-groove record,” Ware told Hot Press in a recent interview about What’s Your Pleasure?. “I was trying to pretend I was Debbie Harry, and I’d absolutely love to hear Kylie Minogue singing on that too. I was just having fun, and I think I’d forgotten how that felt for a while.”


Watch the video for “Step Into My Life” here:


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