Watch Givēon make his TV debut on ‘Kimmel’ with “Stuck on You”

A moving rendition of the ‘When it’s All Said and Done’ cut.

Givēon made his debut television appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a performance of “Stuck on You.”

The California artist started the performance at the piano, before moving to a microphone in the spotlight, singing emotionally into the camera’s gaze as it roved around him. It was a simple performance that allowed Givēon’s voice and presence to be the focus.

“Stuck on You” appears on Givēon’s recently released EP When it’s All Said and Done, which served as the sequel to his debut project Take Time. Givēon made waves earlier this year when he appeared on Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle.”


Watch Givēon’s first-ever television performance on Kimmel here:

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