Wale remixes Queen Naija’s “Butterflies Pt 2”

The dreamy single gets an update.

Queen Naija has enlisted Wale for a remix of her dreamy single, “Butterflies Pt 2.”

While Naija croons about an enduring love, the DMV rapper vents about a relationship that’s fizzled out on his verse. “Went from sure thing to a possible / When it started knew it was absolute / When it start through, it was obsolete / And my heart is gone from your larceny / And it’s hard to know you moved on from me,” he spits.

Earlier this year, the Detroit singer dropped off her Butterflies Pt 2 three-pack, which included the original 2018 song, its sequel and an acoustic version. Last year, the singer released the songs “Good Morning Text” and “Away from You.”


Listen to the remix of “Butterflies Pt 2” below:

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